Volumegevende Kuur Boost Powder American Crew

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Over Volumegevende Kuur Boost Powder American Crew

American Crew Boost Powder (10g) This Boost Powder by American Crew adds lift and grit for dramatic, gravity defying texture, and can be used alone or with any other American Crew to provide matte texture and a no-shine finish beyond anything you've experience from a professional styling product. Guaranteed to make you look and feel great, the American Crew Boost Powder brings a modern styling approach to classic grooming. To take your hair to new heights sprinkle this professional styling aid into your style for maximum lift, matte separation and enhanced volume. Directions of use: Tap the puck lightly a few times to loosen American Crew Boost Powder Pour a small amount into your hand and lightly and evenly sprinkle onto dry hair For maximum volume ensure you apply the powder to your roots Can be combined with any American Crew styling products, but particularly suited to American Crew Boost Cream